Enumeration that defines the heat exchanger construction.

The following heat exchanger configurations are available in this enumeration:

Enumeration Description
ParallelFlow Parallel flow
CounterFlow Counter flow
CrossFlowUnmixed Cross flow, both streams unmixed
CrossFlowStream1MixedStream2Unmixed Cross flow, stream 1 mixed, stream 2 unmixed
CrossFlowStream1UnmixedStream2Mixed Cross flow, stream 1 unmixed, stream 2 mixed
ConstantTemperaturePhaseChange Constant temperature phase change in one stream

Note that for a given heat exchanger, the HeatExchangerConfiguration is fixed. However, if the capacity flow rates change, then the Buildings.Fluid.Types.HeatExchangerFlowRegime may change. For example, a counter flow heat exchanger has HeatExchangerConfiguration=CounterFlow, but the Buildings.Fluid.Types.HeatExchangerFlowRegime can change to parallel flow if one of the two capacity flow rates reverts its direction.


type HeatExchangerConfiguration = enumeration(ParallelFlow "Parallel flow", CounterFlow "Counter flow", CrossFlowUnmixed "Cross flow, both streams unmixed", CrossFlowStream1MixedStream2Unmixed "Cross flow, stream 1 mixed, stream 2 unmixed", CrossFlowStream1UnmixedStream2Mixed "Cross flow, stream 1 unmixed, stream 2 mixed", ConstantTemperaturePhaseChange "Constant temperature phase change in one stream");


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