Enumeration to define the heat exchanger flow regime.

This enumeration defines for the current capacity flow rate the kind of heat transfer relation that will be used to compute the relation between effectiveness and Number of Transfer Units.

The following heat exchanger flow regimes are available in this enumeration:

Enumeration Description
ParallelFlow Parallel flow
CounterFlow Counter flow
CrossFlowUnmixed Cross flow, both streams unmixed
CrossFlowCMinMixedCMaxUnmixed Cross flow, CMin mixed, CMax unmixed
CrossFlowCMinUnmixedCMaxMixed Cross flow, CMin unmixed, CMax mixed
ConstantTemperaturePhaseChange Constant temperature phase change in one stream


type HeatExchangerFlowRegime = enumeration(ParallelFlow "Parallel flow", CounterFlow "Counter flow", CrossFlowUnmixed "Cross flow, both streams unmixed", CrossFlowCMinMixedCMaxUnmixed "Cross flow, CMin mixed,   CMax unmixed", CrossFlowCMinUnmixedCMaxMixed "Cross flow, CMin unmixed, CMax mixed", ConstantTemperaturePhaseChange "Constant temperature phase change in one stream");


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