The model calculates absorbed solar radiation on the window. The calculations follow the description in Wetter (2004), Appendix A.4.3.

The absorbed radiation by exterior shades includes:

  1. the directly absorbed exterior radiation: AWin*uSha*(HDir+HDif)*(1-tau-rho)
  2. the indirectly absorbed exterior radiantion from reflection (angular part): AWin*uSha*HDir*tau*rho(IncAng)*(1-tau-rho)
  3. the indirectly absorbed of exterior irradiantion from reflection (diffusive part): AWin*uSha*HDif*tau*rho(HEM)*(1-tau-rho)
  4. the absorbed interior radiation is neglected.

The output is absRad[2, 1]

The absorbed radiation by interior shades includes:

  1. the absorbed exterior radiation (angular part): AWin*uSha*HDir*alpha(IncAng)
  2. the absorbed exterior radiation (diffusive part): AWin*uSha*HDif*alpha(HEM)
  3. the absorbed interior radiation (diffusive part): AWin*uSha*HRoo*(1-tau-rho)

The output is absRad[2, N+2]

The absorbed radiation by glass includes:

  1. the absorbed radiation by unshaded part (diffusive part): AWin*(1-uSha)*(HDif*alphaEx(HEM)+HRoo*alphaIn(HEM))
  2. the absorbed radiation by unshaded part (angular part from exterior source): AWin*(1-uSha)*HDir*alphaEx(IncAng)
  3. the absorbed radiaiton by shaded part (diffusive part): AWin*uSha*(HDif*alphaExSha(HEM)+HRoo*alphaInSha(HEM))
  4. the absorbed radiation by shaded part (angular part from exterior source): AWin*uSha*HDir*alphaExSha(IncAng)

The output is absRad[1, 2:N+1] = Part1 + Part2; absRad[2, 2:N+1] = Part3 + Part4



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