This package contains examples for the use of models that can be found in Buildings.HeatTransfer.Windows.BaseClasses.


AbsorbedRadiationTest model for absorbed radiation by windows
AbsorbedRadiationElectrochromicTest model for absorbed radiation for electrochromic window
CenterOfGlassTest model for center of glas heat transfer
GasConvectionTest problem for convection in the gas layer
GlassLayerTest model for glass layer heat transfer
InteriorConvectionTest model for the interior heat transfer due to convection
OverhangTest model for the overhang
ShadeTest model for exterior shade heat transfer
SideFinsTest model for side fins
TransmittedRadiationTest model for transmitted radiation through window
WindowRadiationTest model for window radiation
WindowRadiationElectrochromicTest model for window radiation for an electrochromic window

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