Function for convective heat transfer in horizontal window cavity. The computation is according to TARCOG 2006, except that this implementation computes the convection coefficient as a function that is differentiable in the temperatures.


TARCOG 2006: Carli, Inc., TARCOG: Mathematical models for calculation of thermal performance of glazing systems with our without shading devices, Technical Report, Oct. 17, 2006.


function convectionHorizontalCavity
  extends Modelica.Icons.Function;
  input Buildings.HeatTransfer.Data.Gases.Generic gas "Thermophysical properties of gas fill" annotation(
    choicesAllMatching = true);
  input Real Ra(min = 0) "Rayleigh number";
  input Modelica.Units.SI.Temperature T_m "Temperature used for thermophysical properties";
  input Modelica.Units.SI.TemperatureDifference dT "Temperature difference used to compute q_flow = h*dT";
  input Modelica.Units.SI.Angle til "Window tilt";
  input Real sinTil "Sine of window tilt";
  input Real cosTil "Cosine of the window tilt";
  input Modelica.Units.SI.Area h(min = 0) = 1.5 "Height of window";
  input Real deltaNu(min = 0.01) = 0.1 "Small value for Nusselt number, used for smoothing";
  input Real deltaRa(min = 0.01) = 1E3 "Small value for Rayleigh number, used for smoothing";
  output Real Nu(min = 0) "Nusselt number";
  output Modelica.Units.SI.CoefficientOfHeatTransfer hCon(min = 0) "Convective heat transfer coefficient";
  output Modelica.Units.SI.HeatFlux q_flow "Convective heat flux";
end convectionHorizontalCavity;


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