This component computes the maximum distance at which a solar beam that enters the window hits the workplane. The distance is measured perpendicular to the wall.

The parameter azi is the azimuth of the window. For example, if the window faces south, set azi=Buildings.Types.Azimuth.S. The figure below explains the parameters.

Figure for beam depth parameters

For a definition of the parameters, see the User's Guide Buildings.BoundaryConditions.UsersGuide. The surface azimuth is defined in Buildings.Types.Azimuth.

The component requires as parameters the longitude, latitude and time zone. These can automatically be assigned by setting the parameter filNam to a weather data file, in which case these values are read from the weather data file.

Assumptions and approximations

The following assumptions and approximations are made:

  1. If an overhang is present, then the corner of the overhang is the only object that casts a shade. In reality, for very shallow incidence angles, the top of the window frame may be sun exposed, but this model neglects any shade that is cast by the top of the window frame.
  2. The overhang is assumed to have infinite length in the direction of the wall, as this allows neglecting any effects that the corner may have at shallow incidence angles.
  3. The wall is vertical.


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