This model outputs the fraction of the window area that is sun exposed for a window that may have an overhang and sidefins. Depending on the record with construction data conPar, an overhang, side fins or no external shade is modeled. The model allows having an overhang and side fins at the same time. In such a case, the overhang width should be measured from the window edge to the sidefin, because the overhang width beyond the sidefin will cast a shadow on the side fin and not on the window. Similarly, the side fin height should be measured from the upper window edge to the overhang, because the side fin height above the overhang will not cast a shadow on the window. The parameters for the dimensions of the overhang and side fins are as described in the models Buildings.HeatTransfer.Windows.Overhang and Buildings.HeatTransfer.Windows.SideFins.


For overhangs, the model assumes that

For side fins, the model assumes that


The detailed calculation method is explained in Buildings.HeatTransfer.Windows.BaseClasses.SideFins and in Buildings.HeatTransfer.Windows.BaseClasses.Overhang.


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