Developers Guide of the SIMANLib Library

All the blocks in SIMANLib have been developed as atomic Parallel DEVS models, and implemented using the DEVSLib library. Also the Resource element, whose behavior is more close to a block than an element, has been developed in that way.
The documentation of each block describes its characteristics and implementation details.

The elements are mainly data structures that store the required parameters that represent the experimental data of the system. Most of the elements include a package that contains functions to manage that data structure.
Each model or package has a documentation detailing its implementation.

Block communication

As atomic DEVS models, the SIMANLib blocks communicate using a message passing mechanism. In this case, a message represents a transmitted entity.

SIMANLib uses the standard message structure defined in DEVSLib. The message contains two variables: a Type and a Value.
The Type represents the type of the entity that is being transmitted.
The Value represents the reference to the dynamic memory space where the entity is stored.
This is true for every block except for the Queue, Seize, Release and Resource components (see the documentation of each block for details).

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