Users Guide of the SIMANLib Package

The SIMANLib package can be used to develop discrete-event system models following the process-oriented approach.

In the process-oriented approach the system is represented from the point of view of the entities. They are created, flow through the system, are processed using the available resources and at the end, are disposed.
The system is represented using a flowchart diagram that describes the possible flows of entities in the system. Also, depending on the experiment to be performed with the model, it has to be configured including experimental data.

SIMANLib models are composed of two kinds of components: blocks and elements.
The blocks are used to describe the flowchart diagram that represents the flow of entities through the system (i.e. processes, seize resources, branches, etc.).
The elements are used to describe the experimental data that describes the system for a particular experiment (i.e. number of resources, queues, statistical indicators, etc.).

This library implements the process-oriented approach, including some basic components with similar functionalities to the ones in the SIMAN modeling and simulation language.
The components of the SIMANLib package have been implemented as atomic Parallel DEVS models, and so, the DEVSLib package is necessary in order to construct new SIMANLib components and models.

Library Structure

The library has been divided in two parts, the user part and the source/developer part.
The user part contains the required models and packages to develop new process-oriented models. It is composed of:

The source/developer part (SRC package) contains the internal implementation of the components of the library.

Users Guide Structure

This guide is organized in two sections.

The first section, called Model Construction contains the instructions for constructing new process-oriented models with SIMANLib.
The second section, called Hybrid models development, describes the modeling functionalities included in SIMANLib for constructing hybrid models.


[1] Pegden, C.D., Shannon, R.E. and Sadowski, R.P. Introduction to Simulation Using SIMAN. Mc-Graw Hill, 1995.


Name Description
 ModelConstruction Model Construction
 Hybrid Hybrid models development

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