Control function that sets the position of a valve/pump in order to reach a desired temperature at the measurement point of the input. The main use case for this controller is actuating the valve/pump at the primary side of a district heating substation in a way to keep the temperature at the secondary side at a setpoint. A PI-control function is used to determine the desired valve/pump position. A minimum value can be set for the output to, e.g., mimic a bypass. The output y is in the range [min_y, 1], thus, when a pump is used the value needs to be multiplied by the nominal mass flow value.

If use_T_in is true the temperature set-point is taken from the input T_set else from the constant T_const.

If use_m_flow_in is true the mass flow measurement signal is used to set the valve/pump set-point to its minimum position in times of small mass flows m_flow_min.


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