Please see TestConditions regarding how the properties of the environment are used.

To run the cell with pure O2 in the cathode (no N2), set environment.psi_O2_dry to 100%.


  1. The outer surface of each end plate has uniform temperature in the yz plane.
  2. No heat is conducted from the rest of the cell hardware.
  3. All electronic current passes through the first segment (index [1, 1]) of each end plate in the yz plane.
  4. There is no shear force on the fluid at either outlet.
  5. The pressure of each gas species is uniform over each inlet.
  6. The volumetric flow rates of the gas species are equal at each outlet, where the volumetric flow rate is approximated using the current at the outlet and the density of the gas within the last segment of the cell.
  7. The outlet pressure is applied to the gas mixture by Dalton's law (additivity of pressure).
  8. At the outlet, the liquid has the same pressure as the gas (Amagat's law).
  9. There is no thermal conduction across either outlet.

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