This package contains blocks to convert quantities from the unit system in FCSys (see FCSys.Units) to quantities expressed in units or vice versa. The UnitConversion block has a parameter that configures it to convert to or from any of the supported units. All other blocks convert to or from a predefined unit.

Blocks are only included for units that involve offsets or other functions besides simple scaling. For conversions that require just a scaling factor, it is best to use the Modelica.Blocks.Math.Gain block with the appropriate factors from Units package (U). For example, to convert from potential in volts use:
Modelica.Blocks.Math.Gain from_V(k=U.V);
To convert to current in amperes use:
Modelica.Blocks.Math.Gain to_A(k=1/U.A);


Name Description
 From_degC Convert from temperature in degree Celsius to thermodynamic temperature
 To_degC Convert from thermodynamic temperature to temperature in degree Celsius
 From_kPag Convert from gauge pressure in kilopascals to absolute pressure
 To_kPag Convert absolute pressure to gauge pressure in kilopascals
 UnitConversion Generic block to convert to or from quantities expressed in units

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