Library of models to test loop connections leading to artificial loops that can be resolved without algebraic loop handling by calling fmiGetXXX of FMUs in an appropriate sequence


Name Description
ClosedLoopControl1 Closed loop control without direct feedthrough (so no algebraic loops)
MassSpringDamper Spring damper system with a mass that leads to an artificial loop with FMUs (one FMU is the mass, the other the force element)
Negations Series connection of "not" blocks that are structured so that an artificial loops is present with FMUs
SRFlipFlop SR Flip Flop model that leads to a loop structure, but it is an artifical loop due to a memory element (pre)
InternalState Integer counter that is connected in such a way that there is an artificial loop and fmiGetXXX must be called in such a way that this is consistent to the internal discrete state update

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