Name Description
 Max Computes the maximum of a signal. Similar to max block in the optimization library but without differentiation
 MeanValue Mean value of a signal
 AbsMax Maximum absolute value of a input
 DynOpt Computes the objectives for control optimization
 RootMeanSquareValue Computes the integral time-averaged root mean value of a signal
 RootMeanSquareValue_custom Computes the weighted integral time-averaged mean value of a signal by using the p-norm
 TimeTable_Periodic Generate a (possibly discontinuous) signal by linear interpolation in a table and repeats the signal each periode
 PolynomialFunction Output the polynomial function of the absolute input
 TemperatureSensor computes acutual and maximum temperature
 Feedback_mirror Mirror image of the standard feedbackOutput difference between commanded and feedback input
 Machining defines axial and normal force caused by machining as well as the velocity profile
 printRealArray Print string to terminal or file
 To_mmPerMin Convert from metre per second to mm per minute
 PositionController Controller with unit conversion. Uses the units that are typical for feed drives.

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