The package contains models for performing distillation and packed column calculations.
For distillation there is a basic model performing just the material and energy balances, without any treatment of the necessary number of contact stages. A binary distillation model, and a more complex multicomponent model.
For packed columns, the Sherwood-Lobo model will perform simple hydraulic calculations. In order to obtain the height of the transfer unit more complex models are needed. For unstructured packing there is the Onda model, and also the very complete Billet-Schultes model. For the last one, the packing characteristics to use can be found at "Prediction of mass transfer columns with dumped and arranged packaging", Trans IChemE, Vol.77 Part A, September 1999. For structured packing there is the Delft model. 


 DistillationBalancePerforms the total, and one component, mass balances, plus the heat balance at top and bottom.
 PackedColumnBasic24 variables,16 equations,8 lacking
 PCSherwoodLoboFlood point calculation by a numerical aproximation made by N.H.Chen to the Sherwood-Lobo curve. Not too exact
 PCLevaLeva model has no flooding point calculation
 PackedColumnExtended24+20=44 variables,16+8=24 equations, 20 lacking
 PCOndaBravoOnda or Bravo models has no hydraulic calculations
 PCBilletSchultespackage characteristic parameters. Values are for 1,5 metallic Pall ring, replace them as needed
 PCDelftDelft model 2004 for structured packing. Not very good for pressure drop (too high). Bad for liquid holdup after loading point (it is constant)

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