HanserModelica is a Modelica open source educational library on object oriented modeling applied to electrical engineering and a particular focus on polyphase electric machines. This library is based on a book published in German by Hanser Fachbuchverlag. The User's Guide gives an overview of the contents of the book.


Name Description
 UsersGuide User's Guide
 FirstSteps First steps
 VariablesTypes Variables and types
 Classes Modelica classes
 Electrical Electrical Modelica concepts
 Magnetic Magnetic Modelica concepts
 Thermal Thermal systems
 Rotational Rotational systems
 Machines General models on polyphase electrical machines
 InductionMachines Induction machines
 SynchronousMachines Synchronous machines
 MoveTo_Modelica Package of components currently not supported by OpenModelica 1.13

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