This package includes examples for the use of the IdealizedContact library.


Name Description
 Example1 Sphere to sphere
 Example2 Sphere to cylinder
 Example3 Sphere to rectangle
 Example4 Sphere to circle
 Example5 Cylinder to rectangle
 Example6 Cylinder to circle
 Example7 Rectangle to rectangle
 Example8 Circle to rectangle
 Example9 Sphere to two rectangular surfaces
 Example10 Cylinder to Cylinder Point
 Example11 Cylinder to cylinder
 Example12 Cylinder to Cylinder Point
 Example13 Ellipsoid spinning on a plane
 Example14 Ball with gyroscopic movement on a plane
 Example15 Contact Ellipsoid-Ellipsoid
 Example16 Contact Ellipsoid-Ellipsoid
 Example17 Ellipsoid with gyroscopic movement on a plane
 Example18 Egg spinning on a plane

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