LinearSystems, where some blocks are contained that can be used to easily close loops to test controllers. Part of those blocks are also related to well known controller benchmarks, see e.g. [1]; of course this subpackage is provided basically for convenience and to obtain a self-contained library, but many alternatives can be used.

[1] K.J. Åström and T. Hägglund. Benchmark systems for PID control.
In IFAC Workshop on Digital Control – Past, present, and future of PID Control, Terrassa, Spain, 2000.


Name Description
 Continuous Continuous time linear systems
 Discrete Discretised linear systems
 Interfaces Interfaces
 Examples Examples


Industrial Control Systems (v 1.0.0) : April-May 2012
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  • 11 May 2012 (author: Marco Bonvini)
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Marco Bonvini; <bonvini@elet.polimi.it>
Alberto Leva <leva@elet.polimi.it>
Politecnico di Milano
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Via Ponzio 34/5
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Copyright © 2010-2012, Marco Bonvini and Alberto Leva.
The IndustrialControlSystems package is free software; it can be redistributed and/or modified under the terms of the Modelica license.

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