function calculateOutput
  input Real H[:, :] "Hessian matrix";
  input Real GhT[:, :];
  input Real A[:, :] "discrete time control system matrix A, inaugmented";
  input Real B[:, :] "discrete time control system matrix B, inaugmented";
  input Real C[:, :] "discrete time control system matrix C, inaugmented";
  input Real D[:, :] "discrete time control system matrix D, inaugmented";
  input Real F[:, :];
  input Real E[:, :];
  input Real Ac[:, :];
  input Real r[:] "reference trajectory";
  input Real x[:] "current values of state variables, augmented";
  input Real u_pre[:] "last controller output u(k-1)";
  input Real d[:] "measurable disturbances";
  input Integer Nl "lower prediction horizon";
  input Integer Np "upper prediction horizon";
  input Integer Nu "control horizon";
  input Integer p "number of controlled variables";
  input Integer m "number of manipulated variables";
  input Integer n "number of state variables";
  input Basic.ConstraintsRecord rcdC;
  input Basic.QPSolverRecord SolverParams;
  output Real deltaU[m * Nu];
end calculateOutput;

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