Functions that skip bounds checking


Name Description
arrayGetNoBoundsChecking O(1)
arrayUpdateNoBoundsChecking O(1)
arrayCreateNoInit Creates a new array where the elements are *not* initialized!. Any attempt to access an uninitialized elements may cause segmentation faults if you're lucky, and pretty much anything else if you're not. Do not use unless you will immediately fill the whole array with data. The dummy variable is used to fix the type of the array.
stringGetNoBoundsChecking O(1)
listReverseInPlace O(n). A destructive listReverse. May cause segmentation faults if the list contains *any* non-NIL element that was allocated in a constant data segment. Will cause all other points to the head or within this list to now point to another list. Do not use unless you are really certain the compiler cannot optimise any part of the list into a constant data segment.
listSetFirst O(1). A destructive operation changing the "first" part of a cons-cell.
listSetRest O(1). A destructive operation changing the "rest" part of a cons-cell. NOTE: Make sure you do NOT create cycles as infinite lists are not handled well in the compiler.
listArrayLiteral O(n)

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