The discrete transfer function block defines the transfer function between the input signal u and the output signal y. The numerator has the order nb-1, the denominator has the order na-1.

       b(1)*z^(nb-1) + b(2)*z^(nb-2) + ... + b(nb)
y(z) = -------------------------------------------- * u(z)
       a(1)*z^(na-1) + a(2)*z^(na-2) + ... + a(na)

State variables x are defined according to controller canonical form. Initial values of the states can be set as start values of x.


Blocks.Discrete.TransferFunction g(b = {2,4}, a = {1,3});

results in the following transfer function:

     2*z + 4
y = --------- * u
      z + 3


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