This package contains discrete control blocks with fixed sample period. Every component of this package is structured in the following way:

  1. A component has continuous real input and output signals.
  2. The input signals are sampled by the given sample period defined via parameter samplePeriod. The first sample instant is defined by parameter startTime.
  3. The output signals are computed from the sampled input signals.

A sampled data system may consist of components of package Discrete and of every other purely algebraic input/output block, such as the components of packages Modelica.Blocks.Math, Modelica.Blocks.Nonlinear or Modelica.Blocks.Sources.


SamplerIdeal sampling of continuous signals
ZeroOrderHoldZero order hold of a sampled-data system
FirstOrderHoldFirst order hold of a sampled-data system
UnitDelayUnit Delay Block
TransferFunctionDiscrete Transfer Function block
StateSpaceDiscrete State Space block
TriggeredSamplerTriggered sampling of continuous signals
TriggeredMaxCompute maximum, absolute value of continuous signal at trigger instants


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