This package contains various example models that demonstrates how to utilize the blocks from sublibrary Blocks.Noise.


UniformNoiseDemonstrates the most simple usage of the UniformNoise block
AutomaticSeedDemonstrates noise with startTime and automatic local seed for UniformNoise
DistributionsDemonstrates noise with different types of distributions
UniformNoisePropertiesDemonstrates the computation of properties for uniformly distributed noise
NormalNoisePropertiesDemonstrates the computation of properties for normally distributed noise
DensitiesDemonstrates how to compute distribution densities (= Probability Density Function)
ImpureGeneratorDemonstrates the usage of the impure random number generator
ActuatorWithNoiseDemonstrates how to model measurement noise in an actuator
DrydenContinuousTurbulenceDemonstrates how to model wind turbulence for aircraft with the BandLimitedWhiteNoise block (a simple model of vertical Dryden gust speed at low altitudes < 1000 ft)
UtilitiesLibrary of utility models used in the examples


Date Description
June 22, 2015
DLR logo Initial version implemented by A. Klöckner, F. v.d. Linden, D. Zimmer, M. Otter.
DLR Institute of System Dynamics and Control

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