This package contains example models to demonstrate the usage of package blocks.


PID_ControllerDemonstrates the usage of a Continuous.LimPID controller
FilterDemonstrates the Continuous.Filter block with various options
FilterWithDifferentiationDemonstrates the use of low pass filters to determine derivatives of filters
FilterWithRiseTimeDemonstrates to use the rise time instead of the cut-off frequency to define a filter
SlewRateLimiterDemonstrate usage of Nonlinear.SlewRateLimiter
InverseModelDemonstrates the construction of an inverse model
ShowLogicalSourcesDemonstrates the usage of logical sources together with their diagram animation
LogicalNetwork1Demonstrates the usage of logical blocks
RealNetwork1Demonstrates the usage of blocks from Modelica.Blocks.Math
IntegerNetwork1Demonstrates the usage of blocks from Modelica.Blocks.MathInteger
BooleanNetwork1Demonstrates the usage of blocks from Modelica.Blocks.MathBoolean
Interaction1Demonstrates the usage of blocks from Modelica.Blocks.Interaction.Show
BusUsageDemonstrates the usage of a signal bus
Rectifier6pulseFFTExample of FFT block
Rectifier12pulseFFTExample of FFT block
TotalHarmonicDistortionCalculation of total harmonic distortion of voltage
ModulationDemonstrate amplitude modulation an frequency modulation
SinCosEncoderEvaluation of a sinusoidal encoder
CompareSincExpSineCompare sinc and exponential sine signal
NoiseLibrary of examples to demonstrate the usage of package Blocks.Noise
BusUsage_UtilitiesUtility models and connectors for example Modelica.Blocks.Examples.BusUsage

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