This block determines the hypotenuse y = sqrt(u1^2 + u2^2) if the boolean parameter u1IsHyotenuse = false. In this case the two inputs u1 and u2 are interpreted as the legs of a right triangle and the boolean output valid is always equal to true.

If u1IsHyotenuse = true, input u1 is interpreted as hypotenuse and u2 is one of the two legs of a right triangle. Then, the other of the two legs of the right triangle is the output, determined by y = sqrt(u1^2 - u2^2), if u1^2 - u2^2 ≥ 0; in this case the boolean output valid is equal to true. In case of u1^2 - u2^2 < 0, the output y = 0 and valid is set to false.

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