This package consists of blocks that convert an input signal with a specific unit to an output signal in another unit (e.g., conversion of an angle signal from "deg" to "rad").


To_degCConvert from Kelvin to degCelsius
From_degCConvert from degCelsius to Kelvin
To_degFConvert from Kelvin to degFahrenheit
From_degFConvert from degFahrenheit to Kelvin
To_degRkConvert from Kelvin to degRankine
From_degRkConvert from degRankine to Kelvin
To_degConvert from radian to degree
From_degConvert from degree to radian
To_rpmConvert from radian per second to revolutions per minute
From_rpmConvert from revolutions per minute to radian per second
To_kmhConvert from metre per second to kilometre per hour
From_kmhConvert from kilometre per hour to metre per second
To_dayConvert from second to day
From_dayConvert from day to second
To_hourConvert from second to hour
From_hourConvert from hour to second
To_minuteConvert from second to minute
From_minuteConvert from minute to second
To_litreConvert from cubic metre to litre
From_litreConvert from litre to cubic metre
To_kWhConvert from Joule to kilo Watt hour
From_kWhConvert from kilo Watt hour to Joule
To_barConvert from Pascal to bar
From_barConvert from bar to Pascal
To_gpsConvert from kilogram per second to gram per second
From_gpsConvert from gram per second to kilogram per second

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