This package contains source components, i.e., blocks which have only output signals. These blocks are used as signal generators for Real, Integer and Boolean signals.

All Real source signals (with the exception of the Constant source) have at least the following two parameters:

offset Value which is added to the signal
startTime Start time of signal. For time < startTime, the output y is set to offset.

The offset parameter is especially useful in order to shift the corresponding source, such that at initial time the system is stationary. To determine the corresponding value of offset, usually requires a trimming calculation.


RealExpressionSet output signal to a time varying Real expression
IntegerExpressionSet output signal to a time varying Integer expression
BooleanExpressionSet output signal to a time varying Boolean expression
ContinuousClockGenerate current time signal
ConstantGenerate constant signal of type Real
StepGenerate step signal of type Real
RampGenerate ramp signal
SineGenerate sine signal
CosineGenerate cosine signal
SineVariableFrequencyAndAmplitudeGenerate sine signal with variable frequency and amplitude
CosineVariableFrequencyAndAmplitudeGenerate cosine signal with variable frequency and amplitude
SincGenerate sinc signal
ExpSineGenerate exponentially damped sine signal
ExponentialsGenerate a rising and falling exponential signal
PulseGenerate pulse signal of type Real
SawToothGenerate saw tooth signal
TrapezoidGenerate trapezoidal signal of type Real
LogFrequencySweepLogarithmic frequency sweep
KinematicPTPMove as fast as possible along a distance within given kinematic constraints
KinematicPTP2Move as fast as possible from start to end position within given kinematic constraints with output signals q, qd=der(q), qdd=der(qd)
TimeTableGenerate a (possibly discontinuous) signal by linear interpolation in a table
CombiTimeTableTable look-up with respect to time and linear/periodic extrapolation methods (data from matrix/file)
BooleanConstantGenerate constant signal of type Boolean
BooleanStepGenerate step signal of type Boolean
BooleanPulseGenerate pulse signal of type Boolean
SampleTriggerGenerate sample trigger signal
BooleanTableGenerate a Boolean output signal based on a vector of time instants
RadioButtonSourceBoolean signal source that mimics a radio button
IntegerConstantGenerate constant signal of type Integer
IntegerStepGenerate step signal of type Integer
IntegerTableGenerate an Integer output signal based on a table matrix with [time, yi] values


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