Demonstration of the usage of the library


Name Description
PumpingSystem Model of a pumping system for drinking water
HeatingSystem Simple model of a heating system
DrumBoiler Drum boiler example, see Franke, Rode, Krüger: On-line Optimization of Drum Boiler Startup, 3rd International Modelica Conference, Linköping, 2003
Tanks Library demonstrating the usage of the tank model
ControlledTankSystem Tank system with controller, start/stop/shut operation and diagram animation
AST_BatchPlant Model of the experimental batch plant at Process Control Laboratory at University of Dortmund (Prof. Engell)
IncompressibleFluidNetwork Multi-way connections of pipes and incompressible medium model
BranchingDynamicPipes Multi-way connections of pipes with dynamic momentum balance, pressure wave and flow reversal
NonCircularPipes Comparing a circular with a non-circular pipe
HeatExchanger Demo of a heat exchanger model
TraceSubstances Library demonstrating the usage of trace substances
InverseParameterization Demonstrates the parameterization of a pump and a pipe for given nominal values
Explanatory A set of examples illustrating when special attention has to be paid

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