Model Arrow defines an arrow that is dynamically visualized at the defined location (see variables below). If you want an arrow representing something that is not a relative position, use Vector instead.

model Visualizers.Advanced.Arrow

The dialog variables R, r, r_tail, r_head, color, specularCoefficient, and headAtOrigin are declared as (time varying) input variables. If the default equation is not appropriate, a corresponding modifier equation has to be provided in the model where an Arrow instance is used, e.g., in the form

Visualizers.Advanced.Arrow arrow(r_head = {sin(time),cos(time},0});

Variable color is an Integer vector with 3 elements, {r, g, b}, and specifies the color of the shape. {r, g, b} are the "red", "green" and "blue" color parts. Note, r, g and b are given in the range 0 … 255. The predefined type MultiBody.Types.Color contains a menu definition of the colors used in the MultiBody library together with a color editor.

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