Library MultiBody is a free Modelica package providing 3-dimensional mechanical components to model in a convenient way mechanical systems, such as robots, mechanisms, vehicles. Typical animations generated with this library are shown in the next figure:

For an introduction, have especially a look at:

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Name Description
UsersGuide User's Guide of MultiBody Library
World World coordinate system + gravity field + default animation definition
Examples Examples that demonstrate the usage of the MultiBody library
Forces Components that exert forces and/or torques between frames
Frames Functions to transform rotational frame quantities
Interfaces Connectors and partial models for 3-dim. mechanical components
Joints Components that constrain the motion between two frames
Parts Rigid components such as bodies with mass and inertia and massless rods
Sensors Sensors to measure variables
Visualizers 3-dimensional visual objects used for animation
Types Constants and types with choices, especially to build menus
Icons Icons for MultiBody package

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