Model DoubleArrow defines a double arrow that is dynamically visualized at the defined location (see variables below). Nonetheless, visualizing physical vectors by means of Vector can be better option in many cases.

model Visualizers.Advanced.DoubleArrow

The dialog variables R, r, r_tail, r_head, color, specularCoefficient, and headAtOrigin are declared as (time varying) input variables. If the default equation is not appropriate, a corresponding modifier equation has to be provided in the model where an Arrow instance is used, e.g., in the form

Visualizers.Advanced.DoubleArrow doubleArrow(r_head = {sin(time),cos(time},0})

Variable color is an Integer vector with 3 elements, {r, g, b}, and specifies the color of the shape. {r, g, b} are the "red", "green" and "blue" color parts. Note, r, g and b are given in the range 0 … 255. The predefined type MultiBody.Types.Color contains a menu definition of the colors used in the MultiBody library together with a color editor.

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