Model Surface defines a moveable, parametrized surface in 3-dim. space that is used for animation. This object is specified by:

The parameter values (u,v) are given by the ordinal numbers of the corresponding control point in u- or in v-direction, respectively. The surface is then defined by the replaceable function "surfaceCharacteristic" with the interface partialSurfaceCharacteristic that returns the x-, y-, z- coordinate of every control point in form of 3 arrays X, Y, Z, and an optional color array C, if every control point shall have a different color:

Real X[nu,nv], Y[nu,nv], Z[nu,nv], C[nu,nv,3];

An example of a parameterized surface with color coding is shown in the next figure:

Models Torus, VoluminousWheel, PipeWithScalarField, demonstrate how new visualizer objects can be constructed with the Surface model.
The direct usage of the Surface model, as well as of the Torus and the VoluminousWheel models, are demonstrated with example Examples.Elementary.Surfaces.

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