Model PipeWithScalarField visualizes a pipe and a scalar field along the pipe axis. The latter is shown by mapping the scalar field to color values with a color map and utilizing this color at the perimeter associated with the corresponding axis location. Typically the scalar field value is a temperature, but might be also another quantity. Predefined color maps are available from MultiBody.Visualizers.Colors.ColorMaps and can be selected via parameter "colorMap". A color map with the corresponding scalar field values can be exported as vector-graphics in svg-format with function MultiBody.Visualizers.Colors.colorMapToSvg. Connector frame_a of this component is located in the center of the circle at the left side of the pipe and the pipe axis is oriented along the x-axis of frame_a, see figure below in which frame_a is visualized with a coordinate system:

The color coding is shown in the next figure. It was generated with MultiBody.Visualizers.Colors.colorMapToSvg using the following call:

              height=50, nScalars=6, T_max=100, caption="Temperature in C");


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