Model Torus visualizes a torus. The center of the torus is located at connector frame_a (visualized by the red coordinate system in the figure below). The left image below shows a torus with ri=0.5 m and ro = 0.2 m. The right images below shows the torus with the additional parameter settings:

  opening    =   45 degree
  startAngle = -135 degree
  stopAngle  =  135 degree

In the advanced menu the discretization of the surface visualization can be defined by the number of points of the inner radius of the torus (n_ri) and by the number of points of the outer radius of the torus (n_ro). In case the torus is closed (that is, opening = 0 degree), the actual number of points is one less (that is n_ri-1, n_ro-1), because the first and the last point of the parametrization coincide in this case.


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