This package contains example models to demonstrate the usage of the Modelica.Mechanics.Rotational package. Open the models and simulate them according to the provided description in the models.


Name Description
 First First example: simple drive train
 FirstGrounded First example: simple drive train with grounded elements
 Friction Drive train with clutch and brake
 CoupledClutches Drive train with 3 dynamically coupled clutches
 LossyGearDemo1 Example to show that gear efficiency may lead to stuck motion
 LossyGearDemo2 Example to show combination of LossyGear and BearingFriction
 LossyGearDemo3 Example that failed in the previous version of the LossyGear version
 ElasticBearing Example to show possible usage of support flange
 Backlash Example to demonstrate backlash
 RollingWheel Demonstrate coupling Rotational - Translational
 HeatLosses Demonstrate the modeling of heat losses
 SimpleGearShift Simple Gearshift
 EddyCurrentBrake Demonstrate the usage of the rotational eddy current brake
 GenerationOfFMUs Example to demonstrate variants to generate FMUs (Functional Mock-up Units)
 OneWayClutch Drive train with actively engaged one-way clutch
 OneWayClutchDisengaged Drive train with disengaged one-way clutch
 Utilities Utility classes used by rotational example models

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