Function Blocks

The function blocks are described by means of a listing of their parameters and the output they generate in a specific model.

Additionally, a short textual description is provided, in order to cover possible particularities of the single blocks.


Name Description
Add Sums up two values.
CommandedSampler Samples a signal at given time instants.
Comparator Compares two input signals: if input1 > input2 -> emits upper output value, if input1 <= input2 -> emits lower output value
CrossDetect Detects the crossing instant of the input signal with a given level.
Delay Delays an input for a certain amount of time.
Divider Divides the first input by the second one.
Gain Generates an output y=g*u.
Hold Samples a signal and holds the value for a period T.
Hysteresis Simple hysteretic function (2-value-mapping).
Integrator Integration of the input function (Integrator wrapper block).
IntegratorQSS1 Integration of the input function.
IntegratorQSS2 Integration of the input function.
IntegratorQSS3 Integration of the input function.
Inverse Inverts a value u: y=1/u.
Multiplier Multiplies two values.
Power Generates an output y=u^n.
Quantiser Quantisation of the input function.
Saturation Truncates the input signal at a certain level.
Sin Generates an output y=sin(u).
Switch Switches between the first and third input port.

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