The ModelicaDEVS Library

This package provides the tools for the simulation according to the DEVS formalism. <\p>

A motivation for the implementation of this library as well as a brief theoretical introduction are given in the User's Guide. <\p>

The ModelicaDEVS library currently consists of the following subpackages (March 2006): <\p>

SourceBlocks Source blocks
FunctionBlocks All blocks that are nor source blocks nor sink blocks.
SinkBlocks Sink blocks. This subpackage actually contains just one block, namely the Interpolator.
Miscellaneous Components that facilitate the handling of a model
Templates Templates for connectors and the different types of DEVS components (single input/single output, only output, ...)
Examples Some of the examples that were used to test the library have been maintained in the final version in order to give an idea of possible types of simulation.


Name Description
 UsersGuide User's Guide
 SourceBlocks Source Blocks
 FunctionBlocks Function Blocks
 SinkBlocks Sink Blocks
 Miscellaneous Miscellaneous
 Templates Block and Connector Templates
 Examples Examples

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