Continuous-Continuous Block

This type of template is an extension of the Modelica.Blocks.Interfaces.SISO model and can be said to be a hull for a DEVS model that shall be inserted as a black box into a model consisting of blocks from the Modelica/Blocks library. Its only difference to the original block template is a) the WorldModel component it contains (remember that every model consisting of ModelicaDEVS blocks has to include the WorldModel), and b) the parameter qssMethod (it should be possible from the outside to set the parameter of the WorldModel and thereby influence the QSS mode of the model components. See lines 3+4 in the code snippet below for an illustration how the chosen QSS mode is propagated into the DEVS model).

The following declarations give a full description of the CCBlock:
1 partial block CCBlock
2   extends Modelica.Blocks.Interfaces.SISO
3   parameter Integer qssMethod=3 "Use QSS1, QSS2 or QSS3";
4   inner Miscellaneous.worldModel world(qss=qssMethod);
5 end CCBlock;
Note that if the DEVS model does not have to appear as a black box, the aforementioned CDBlock and DCBlock can be used to create an interface to the non-DEVS models.
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