Users Guide of the ModelicaDEVS Library

This package contains the User's Guide for the library and has the following content:

  1. The Introduction summarizes the motivation for the ModelicaDEVS library.
  2. The second chapter provides a brief introduction into the concepts of the DEVS Formalism.
  3. The third chapter explains the idea of Quantised State Systems.
  4. The section about PowerDEVS shows the simulator concept of PowerDEVS, another DEVS implementation from which the structure for the ModelicaDEVS library has been taken.
  5. The ModelicaDEVS section presents the library - from a more theoretical point of view as well as in terms of a listing of the available components.
  6. Literature

Remark: most of the provided information is taken from the thesis within the scope of which the ModelicaDEVS library has been written. The complete thesis is available under http://www.inf.ethz.ch/personal/fcellier/MS/MS_index.html


Name Description
Introduction Introduction
DEVSformalism The DEVS Formalism
QSS Quantised State Systems
ModelicaDEVS ModelicaDEVS
Literature Literature

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