Discrete state space description of a linear, time invariant difference equation system (data + operations)


Name Description
 'constructor' Collection of operators to construct a DiscreteStateSpace data record
 '-' Contains operators for subtraction of discrete state space systems
 '+' Parallel connection of two discrete state space systems (= inputs are the same, outputs of the two systems are added)
 '*' Series connection of two discrete state space systems
 '==' Check whether two linear discrete state space systems have identical matrices
 timeResponse Compute time response of DiscreteStateSpace system
 initialResponse Compute initial response of DiscreteStateSpace system
 Analysis Package of functions to analyse discrete state space system represented by a DiscreteStateSpace record
 Design Package of functions to design discrete state space controllers and observers
 Plot Package of functions to plot discrete state space system responses
 Conversion Package of functions for conversion of DiscreteStateSpace data record
 Import Package of functions to generate a DiscreteStateSpace data record from imported data
 Internal Package of internal material of record DiscreteStateSpace (for advanced users only)

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