Construct a ZerosAndPoles system and plot the Bode diagram with automatic determination of the frequency range to plot


function plotBode3
  extends Modelica.Icons.Function;
  import Modelica.Utilities.Streams.print;
  import Modelica_LinearSystems2.ZerosAndPoles;
  import Modelica_LinearSystems2.TransferFunction;
  import Modelica_LinearSystems2.Math.Polynomial;
  input Modelica.Units.SI.Frequency f_cut_num = 100 "Cut-off frequency of numerator PT2 and PT1";
  input Real D_num = 0.1 "Damping of numerator PT2";
  input Modelica.Units.SI.Frequency f_cut_den = 10 "Cut-off frequency of denominator PT2 and PT1";
  input Real D_den = 0.1 "Damping of denominator PT2";
  input Real k = 1 "Gain";
  output Boolean ok;
end plotBode3;

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