Declares the common structure for the set of response functions


partial function timeResponseMask2_zp
  import Modelica_LinearSystems2;
  input Modelica_LinearSystems2.ZerosAndPoles zp;
  input Real dt = 0 "Sample time [s]";
  input Real tSpan = 0 "Simulation time span [s]";
  replaceable output Real y[:, 1, 1] "Output response: (number of samples) x (number of outputs) x (number of inputs)";
  output Real t[:] "Time vector: (number of samples)";
  replaceable output Real x_continuous[:, Modelica_LinearSystems2.ZerosAndPoles.Analysis.denominatorDegree(zp), 1] "State trajectories: (number of samples) x (number of states) x (number of inputs)";
end timeResponseMask2_zp;

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