This record defines the transfer function between the input signal u and the output signal y by the coefficients of the numerator and denominator polynomials n(s) and d(s) respectively:

   y = ------ * u

The order of the numerator polynomial can be larger as the order of the denominator polynomial (in such a case, the transfer function can not be transformed to a StateSpace system, but other operations are possible).

Example: The transfer function

   y = ----------------- * u
        4*s^2 + 5*s + 6

is transformed in the following way in a TransferFunction record:

   import Modelica_LinearSystems2.TransferFunction;
   import Modelica.Utilities.Streams;
   TransferFunction tf(n={2,3}, d={4,5,6});
   print("y = " + TransferFunction.'String'(tf) + " * u");
   // prints the following string to the output window:
   //   y = (2*s + 3) / (4*s^2 + 5*s + 6) * u


Name Description
 'constructor' Collection of operators to construct a TransferFunction data record
 '-' Collection of operators for subtraction of transfer functions
 '+' Parallel connection of two transfer functions (= inputs are the same, outputs of the two systems are added)
 '*' Multiply two TransferFunctions (tf1 * tf2)
 '/' Divide two transfer functions (tf1 / tf2)
 '^' Integer power of TransferFunction (tf1^k)
 '==' Check whether two transfer functions are identical
 'String' Transform TransferFunction into a String representation
 s Generate the transfer function s
 Analysis Package of functions to analyse transfer function represented by a TransferFunction record
 Design Package of functions to design transfer function controllers and observers
 Plot Package of functions to plot transfer function responses
 Conversion Package of functions for conversion of TransferFunction data record
 Import Package of functions to generate a TransferFunction data record from imported data
 Internal Package of internal material of record TransferFunction (for advanced users only)

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