Package of functions to analyse transfer function represented by a TransferFunction record


Name Description
analysis Make a system analysis based on the poles and zeros of the system
timeResponse Calculate the time response of a transfer function
impulseResponse Calculate the impulse time response
stepResponse Calculate the step time response
rampResponse Calculate the ramp time response
initialResponse Calculate the time response for given initial condition and zero inputs
numeratorDegree Return numerator degree
denominatorDegree Return denominator degree
evaluate Evaluate a transfer function for a given (Complex) value of s
zerosAndPoles Calculate zeros and poles of a transfer function
eigenValues Calculate the eigenvalues of a linear transfer function system and write them in a complex vector
eigenVectors Calculate the right eigenvectors of the state space system corresponding to a transfer function and write them columnwise in a matrix. Optionally, the eigenvalues are computed
invariantZeros Compute invariant zeros of linear transfer function
dcGain Return steady state gain k (for a stable system: k = value of y at infinite time for a step input)
isControllable Check controllability of a transfer function
isObservable Check oberservability of a transfer function
isStabilizable Check stabilizability of a transfer function
isDetectable Check detectability of a transfer function
controllabilityMatrix Calculate the controllability matrix [B, A*B, ..., A^(n-1)*B] of a transfer function
observabilityMatrix Calculate the observability matrix of a transfer function

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