Package contains Icons used in the Linear Systems library.

Graphical display of function maturity

Mainly to facilitate the development process following icons exist to identify the level of maturity of a function:

  1. NotWorkingYetFunction - Functions that are not working yet or a known to having severe problems
  2. DeveloperFunction - Functions that are in an early development stage. They probably already provide some usefullnes
  3. Release level function - This functions use either the standard Modelica function icon, or no icon at all

Additionally following icons are provided that can be combined with the former ones:


Name Description
DeprecatedFunction Icon for a function which is deprecated
DeveloperOnlyFunction Icon for a function which is in an prototype development state, makes only sense to the author and will most probably change/disappear in the near future.
FineDocumentationFunction Icon for a function that has a reasonable good documentation
NotWorkingYetFunction Icon for a function which is definitely not working (yet)

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