The only currently widely adopted standard for thermodynamic property packages is the CAPE-OPEN Thermodynamic and Physical Properties. “CAPE-Open standards are the uniform standards for interfacing process modelling software components developed specifically for the design and operation of chemical processes” (Colan, 2015).

Tool Requirements

CAPE-OPEN version

The CAPE-OPEN backend that has been developed supports both the 1.0 and 1.1 version of the specification.

Modelica Settings

Settings in MultiPhaseMixture.Templates.ExternalTwoPhaseMixture that should be used when creating a new Fluid.

Example - DryAir mixture medium

See MultiPhaseMixture.PreDefined.Mixtures.CapeOpen.FluidProp.DryAir


Following disadvantages with the CAPE-OPEN thermo interface should be considered (Szczepanski, 2013):

Another disadvantage is that it contains several internal function calls which create an overhead in computation time. And although it was intended as a cross-platform specification, in practice CAPE-OPEN is only supported on Windows.


  1. CAPE OPEN, Thermodynamic and Physical Properties v1.1, May 2011, Downloaded from http://www.colan.org

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