To model a noise source in using this library, the u the block Noise.PRNG has to be selected. properly parametrizing this block is done on two levels: easy and advanced:

Easy Noise

Select a (Pseudo-) Sampling time for the block. This limits the bandwith of the block to 1/sampling time. A constant spectral density will be used. This type of noise will be good for standard sensor noise.

Advanced Noise

To select more advanced noise methods with a defined Probability Density Function to define the distribution of the generated random values, the "Advanced" Tab has to be selected. The user can select a wide range of distributions:

Furthermore the Power Spectral Density can be set to specify the frequency characteristics of the signal. Following methods are supplied:

Using the modular approach of the fuctions, it is possible for the user to develop and select their own kernals for specialized frequency responses.

For more information, please also see Noise.PRNG.SampleBasedRNG:


Developed 2014 at the DLR Institute of System Dynamics and Control

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