Note: Currently under investigation for plausibility.

This is a model for the open channel (river). Could be used for modelling of run-of-river hydropower plants.

In this model it is assumed that the channel has the inlet and outlet from the bottom of the left and right sides, respectevely.

That is why this open channel should be connected from both sides to the Pipe elements. Connectors hold information about the inlet/outlet flow rate and the pressures that is defined as sum of atmospheric pressure and pressure of the water (depends on depth).

As boundary conditions, at least two of the four quentities (inlet flow or depth and outlet flow or depth) should be used.

Perhaps, this structure is not really useful and some modification should be done. This is still under discussion and has not been tested properly.

More info about the original model can be found in [Vytvytskyi2015].

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