Different components of hydropower system. These components can be combined to create a model for whole hydropower system.


 InternalPackage for internal models not suitable for direct use.
 BendPipeBend in pipes
 DraftTubeModel of a draft tube for reaction turbines
 FittingDifferent pipes fitting
 PipeModel of the pipe
 PenstockKPDetailed model of the pipe. Could have elastic walls and compressible water. KP scheme
 SurgeTankModel of the surge tank/shaft
 ReservoirModel of the reservoir
 RunOff_zonesRun off model. (with 10 height zones)
 RunOff_zones_inputRun off model without input data (inputs could be specified in Python)
 VolumeFlowSourceVolume flow source (either fixed or variable)
 PenstockModel of the penstock with elastic walls and compressible water. Simple Staggered grid scheme
 OpenChannelOpen channel model (use KP scheme)
 ReservoirChannelReservoir model based on open channel model

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