The systems within this package represent models of different power systems examples that are implemented in Modelica using this library.

These systems are originally designed to serve as application example of the library and, therefore, can be used as an illustration of how power systems can be assembled using the OpenIPSL.


 TutorialOpenIPSL tutorial for beginners
 AKDSmall subsystem representing the northern part of the Norwegian power system network
 DAEModeTest cases used to verify the efficiency of the Dymola DAE mode implementation for hybrid models
 IEEE9IEEE (WSCC) 9-bus 3-machine test system package
 IEEE14IEEE 14-bus 5-machine test system package
 KundurSMIBSingle-machine infinite bus model used in the Example 13.2 of the Kundur's book
 N44Library of Nordic 44 models
 NamsskoganGridPackage with the Namsskogan power network
 OpenCPSTest systems used in the Open Cyber-Physical Systems project
 PSATSystemsDifferent test systems implemented with PSAT models
 RaPIdExperimentsPackage with the test systems used in RaPId
 SevenBusSeven-bus three-machine test network package
 TwoAreas2 areas test system from Klein, Rogers, and Kundur

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